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STRAYZ organic premium cat food donating for street cats.

Our Mission

480 million stray cats are living in need worldwide. The furry friends have no secure access to food sources or basic medical care and they continue to multiply uncontrollably.

We at STRAYZ have made it our mission to improve the lives of these adorable felines. Each of our products supports animal welfare organizations who take care of stray animals worldwide. For example our high-quality organic cat food donates meals to street cats and our cat sweater funds the neutering of a kitty.

Let's save strays together!

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Our Products

STRAYZ is not only yummy for your kitty, but was developed cat-appropriate to the needs of felines. That's why our high-quality cat food is organic and natural. In our oppinion preservatives and other creepy things do not belong into cat food. In addition, we provide a very high meat content and grain-free recipes without added sugar for the benefit of your furry friend.

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Premium Organic Cat Food