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Wet Food

Tired of dog food that's full of sugar, flavorings, binders, or preservatives? Then you are exactly right here. Our high-quality organic dog food is like home-cooked, because it only contains what is written on the can. With our balanced recipes you not only spoil your dog, but you automatically donate to street dogs.

This is why our organic dog food is good for your fur ball

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Real Meat & Single Protein
Gluten Free & Grain Free
No added Sugar
Organic dog food without sugar, grain, gluten and binders

It's so yummy to do good

Das Bio Futter für Hunde von STRAYZ spendet für Straßenhunde

Real meat or Veggie?
We rely on regional organic meat and not on inferior animal meal. Since dogs are omnivores, vegan food is a great, climate-friendly change from regular wet food. Each can contains only one protein source. For this reason, our recipes are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Yay to dietary fiber!
Vegetables & carbohydrates in our dog food cover the need for raw fibre, which is important to boost your doggo's digestion.

90s ingredients? Not in our cans!
Doggos are just way too cute. This is not the only reason why we do not add any sugar. Preservatives & binding agents as well as flavors and attractants are too 90s for us. We just love dogs too much and would never add such crap.

Help street dogs with every can now!
Each can donates a meal to a street dog in need. Become a doggo hero*ine now.

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