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Wet Food

Here it is: our high-quality organic wet food that we developed specifically for the needs of fluff balls aka. cats. Not only is it super tasty, it also makes a donation for street cats in need, because every food bag corresponds to a meal for a stray cat.

This is why STRAYZ is your cats' new favourite food:

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high in protein
no added sugar

Today's modern kitties are furry foodies. They pay attention to clean feeding and don't feel like eating unhealthy stuff, because that's so 90's and it can even make them sick.

In order to meet the high demands, our premium organic cat food has an extremely high meat content of 95%, as cats are small predators. In addition, our recipes only contain what is written on the pouch. This makes STRAYZ a great option for tiny tigers with allergies. We do not use grain or add sugar to our cat food, because we think that kitties are sweet enough and not made for grain.

Did you know that your kitty is also super social? For this reason she*he is particularly fond of STRAYZ, because she*he knows that with every bag of food we donate a meal for a street cat in need. Where do our donations go? You can read this to your cat right here.

Now you know why your fluffy friend is a really big fan of our high-quality cat food. It's simply pawsome!

As if you cooked it yourself - our natural organic wet food for cats.

Unnecessary additives have no place in our wet food, as we only want the best for your kitty.

For this reason, we use a gentle manufacturing process, which means that we do not have to use preservatives or other not pronouncable chemicals. Our food is almost like home-cooked. 

Do you have any questions about our cat food? Then take a look at our FAQ or write us a message.

Save & donate with our Pawsome Cat Food Bundles

Our trial package is purrfect for getting to know our high-quality wet food. You'll receive each pouch 3 times and automatically donate 9 meals for strays in need. 😻

Of course, we also have larger cat food packages for hungry tigers and even super flexible cat food subscription boxes in our shop. You'll not only save up to € 19.50, you will also make lots of street cats very happy.

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