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Here you'll find answers to questions you might not even have. In case you need further help, please feel free to contact us any time via our contact form or Monday-Friday between 10am and 5pm via +49 (0)30 5490 9969 0.

Questions about our pet food

We develop our species-appropriate organic pet food with lots of love and expertise together with a small manufactory in southern Germany. They do everything possible to work in a low-CO2 and water-saving manner.

There, our recipes for the needs of cats and doggos are developed according to strict organic guidelines, so that your furry friend receives the best possible quality.

During production, the manufactory team uses a gentle process of cold filling and water bath heating. As a result, our STRAYZ products do not contain any preservatives.

We eat mainly vegetarian & vegan at STRAYZ and we also think that this is the most sustainable form of nutrition for the future of our planet. We would also like to offer vegan cat food, but unfortunately a vegan nutrition is not possible and species appropriate for cats.

For this reason, it was all the more important for us that we rely on organic quality in order to exclude cruel factory farming. It is also important to know that no animals are slaughtered for our pet food, we only use the less popular pieces of meat that are not used in the food industry because e.g. the contain too much fat.

We know how difficult it is, especially for vegans and vegetarians, to buy cat food, but we do our best so that the love of cats does not come at the expense of other living beings.

Wet Food for Cats

A high proportion of meat is essential for a species-appropriate kitty diet, since cats are small predators. Unfortunately, some brands don't see this as that important. For this reason, some ingredients that often have little to do with meat end up in cat food.

Our meat content is made up of the following components: approx. 75% breast meat, 5% liver, 5% necks, 5% hearts and 5% carcass.

Wet Food for Dogs

For our dog food, we also rely on regional organic meat and not on inferior animal meal. We pay attention to balanced meat compositions. Our meat content always consists mainly of muscle meat and is supplemented by nutritious organs, e.g. heart and liver.

Beef with Sweet Potato, Carrot & Pear: 60% muscle meat, 25% heart, 10% lung and 5% liver
Turkey with Pumpkin, Fennel & Rice: 80% breast meat, 5% hearts, 5% necks, 5% carcass and 5% liver

Since we are still a very young company, we are currently unable to send any products as samples. However, we have created great trial packages for cats and dogs, through which your furry friend can get to know our high-quality organic pet food very well. Best of all: You can donate to animal welfare directly with your order. 💪

Small amounts of fiber are good for kitties to help their bowel function. In addition to some vegetables, we also add coconut flakes, which are also great because they contain easily digestible vegetable fatty acids. Did you know that there are people who give their kitties coconut flakes in addition to worming treatments or massage their kitties with a little coconut oil? This is said to help against parasites such as ticks.

We categorically exclude animal experiments. We prefer to try our recipes ourselves or ask our four-legged friends if they would like to try them - and since our products are almost as if they were cooked at home, there is no reason for extensive tests. We have also had this certified by PETA. ❤️

We currently have no dry cat food in our range and are not planning to do so. We know that many furry friends like to eat dry cat food, but we believe that wet food is simply more species-appropriate for the little ones.

By nature, cats are desert animals that only cover their water balance with their prey, as there are hardly any watering holes in the desert. If kitties eat dry food and drink too little, this can have a negative effect on the kidneys of our tiny tigers.

Have you tried our cat food? You may be able to get your cat used to wet food bit by bit. Unless she's a little diva. Then of course she can eat whatever she likes. 😻

That's a really interesting question, and this is where it gets a little complicated. 🤓 

But let's start at the beginning - with our raw materials. The meat we source for our pet food comes from organic farms that produce meat for the food industry. However, not every component of a chicken is attractive for the meat industry, as there is, for example, muscle meat with too much fat which is rather unpopular. A good comparison here is apples that are rejected because they do not correspond to the norm visually, but are still of great quality.

And now it gets even more interesting: As soon as the meat arrives at our producer, it can no longer be called "food grade" because the producer is a producer of pet food, although nothing has changed in the raw material. You can see that the whole subject of food grade quality and pet food is quite complex.

As you can see, the whole issue of food quality and pet nutrition is quite complex. Our meat content in the feed always consists of at least 60% muscle meat and nutritious organs or e.g. carcass as a natural source of calcium. Unfortunately, since there are manufacturers who process everything from hooves to fur, we as PAWrent can more than understand your question. ❤️

Since the organic meat for our pet food is minced very finely, the consistency goes in the direction of pate with a touch of juicy goo, which especially kitties really like. 😻

Did you know that the chunks that are very popular in pet food are usually made from pressed animal meal? Pretty creepy, right? 🙀

Since our cat food has a high meat content and is free from grain as well as added sugar our NFE values ​​are very low. You can find the results here:

Chicken & Courgette: 0.39
Goose & Pumpkin: 0.25
Duck & Sweet Potato: 3.46

First of all, it is important to understand what the difference is between complete and supplementary feed. With a complete feed you can feed your dog exclusively over a long period of time, because it contains all the substances that must be contained according to the specifications of the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation). It's a bit like a diet shake that provides you with all the substances and you don't have to eat anything else.

This overall package does not offer a supplementary feed. However, it is still a super natural, valuable feed, which in the case of our vegan recipe simply does not contain enough L-carnitine and taurine according to FEDIAF specifications.

So if you feed your dog exclusively vegan, you should supplement L-carnitine and a small amount of taurine. This behaves like vitamin B12 for us humans. 

If you only feed our vegan variety alternately, you don't have to supplement extra. Surely you pay attention to a varied diet with your Doggo anyway. It is also essential for us humans. Depending on your preference, you can present our vegan food to your woof on a daily basis or add a veggie day every other day. And how great is it that you offer your dog a lot of variety and do something for the climate and environment on top of that?

Questions about our mission

We currently support five great animal welfare organizations from Greece, Spain, Romania and Austria. Our hero*ines take care of over 500 street cats and over 700 street dogs every day. They rescue doggos from killing stations and carry out big neutering projects. They also regularly home tame strays who are looking for a new pawrents. Here you can find out everything about our hero*ines.

When we started STRAYZ, it was super important for us to enter into dialogue with many animal rights activists to find out what donations are actually needed. We didn't want to just donate x% of our profits. Often you can't imagine anything under these numbers. We definitely wanted to make this more transparent.

So we started to talk with various animal rights activists. We were able to find out that feeding a street cat costs an average of 20 cents a day. The situation is similar with the doggos, depending on their size. You can cover exactly these costs with our organic pet food. If your furry friend eats STRAYZ for a day, you also feed a stray in need.

With our socks, cups and co. you support the health of the strays on top, as they bear the expenses for anti flea treatments, for example.

Of course, our hero*ines also take care of castrations, which cost between 20 and 50 euros depending on the country and the dedicated veterinarians on site. With our sweaters you can finance an entire castration for a furry friend. In this way we can get to the root of the stray problem and help together in the long term.

Every month we transfer all the donations that have been collected in the past month to our great hero*ines so that, thanks to your help, they can take care of the many strays with less worries.

Since we are still at the very beginning, we cannot support every animal welfare organization at the moment. Perhaps you have already read that we want to help all 680 million strays worldwide in the future.

But we still want to get to know your animal welfare organization now so that we can build a large network and support great new organizations soon. Just write to us via our contact form. We are already very excited!

PS: By the way, we are also very happy to help with homing strays. Just send us a message.

Questions about your order

Your STRAYZ order will reach you within 4-5 days.

Please contact us via our contact form or just give us a call +49 (0)30 5490 9969 0. We are happy to hear from you!

You can find the tracking number of your package in the email that you received to confirm the shipment. If you can no longer find it, just use our contact form or call us: +49 (0) 30 5490 9969 0.

With our pawsome coupons you can save and still donate for strays in need. You can redeem your coupon directly in the shopping cart. Use the "claim coupon" field for this.

How cool that you have two pawsome coupons. However, a combination of these is not possible. Be sure to save the second one, because this way you can save again on your next order and support even more street cats. 💪